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You have a great site, but 50% of the people who visit, can't see it. Why? Because over half of all searches and Internet browsing takes place on a mobile phone. Which means its hard to read, hard to navigate, and it drives new customers away.

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As a smart business owner, if you don't embrace change and create a mobile strategy now, you will lose ground to your competition. Call or contact us today for a free consultation with one of our mobile business advisors @ 888.791-0501

Mobile Advertising

Drive performance whether you’re focused on offline sales or online conversions. Mobile advertising is not only less expensive than desktop ad programs, but it puts your business in the palm of the customer's hand right when they are ready to make a decision (set an appointment, call, purchase, etc.)

Client Testimonials

"Thumb Friendly has put us in the forefront and it has allowed our patients, or potential patients, to easily get to know us via their smartphones. Thumb Friendly has obtained a prominent place for us so we are the first source that a lot of these patients go to."

Andrew Golde, AdvancedENT

"Our business has benefited from Thumb Friendly l in one primary area, and that is return on investment. We have spent in the last 6 months about $30,000 and we've got a 400% ROI, which is fantastic."

David Seely, CEO LocalMotion Movers

"As a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, marketing is a must. Thumb Friendly has a totally different approach than all other companies we interviewed - and they gave me results. People can no find our practice very easily on a mobile device or a computer. The best part, besides their personal touch is they give me the ability to track all of the sources where I'm advertising."

Randy Rudderman, MD

"The results are amazing - our business is booming. You guys have been terrific to work with."

Cheryl Christenon, Bulldog Movers


Smartphones are the first screen for over 50% of consumers as they shift towards mobile as their preferred way to find local information. More and more, people are searching, connecting, and shopping on mobile devices which means an appealing and practical mobile website should be the top priority for all brands and businesses.

With the industry changing rapidly, businesses now have to shift, faster than ever before, to keep up with their customers. Watch this brief video about how the three major shifts that have had a major impact on business owners over the last 20 years.